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Show Photos

7 May 2011                                                                  3-Ring Championship Show sponsored by:


Dina Freitas   Gail Nel
Rita Wiseman  Karen Pepler
Pets: Johan Lamprecht

Cat of the Day
Best Medium Hair Kitten
Best Kitten Overall
The Legends Alexander The Great of Wentworthz
Maine Coon - Black Classic Tabby Male Kitten 6-9m (MCO)   
Owner: Elizabeth Wentworth
Breeder: Petra Smith

Best Persian/Exotic Adult
Ormeryds Kizz Me Quik of Cracker (Imp)
Exotic - Black Tortie Female Adult
Owner: A Visser & P Williams
Breeder: A Lange

Best Persian/Exotic Neuter &
Best Neuter Overall
Sp Pr Flamboyant Alvin L'Meur, NQ
Red Bicolour Neutered Male Persian   
Breeder MC Nel
Owner R van Wyk

Best Persian/Exotic Kitten
Persian - Red Classic Tabby Male Kitten 6-9M
Ormeryds Buddy Boy of Cracker (Imp)
Breeder A Lange
Owners A Visser & P Williams

Best Foreign Adult &
Best Adult Overall
GR Ch Spandau's La Paloma Blanca
Sphynx - Cream Mink and White   
Owner: W Hyman
Breeder: Owner

Best Foreign Neuter
Sp Pr Fairidew Gemima
Abbyssinian Variant - Ruddy Spayed Female
Owner: H van Noordwyk
Breeder: C Wheatly

Best Foreign Kitten
Spandau's Madonna
Sphynx - Black Tortie And White Female Kitten   
Owner: W Hyman
Breeder: Owner

Best Siamese/Oreintal Adult
(There were none entered in this class)
Best Siamese/Oriental Neuter
Sp Pr Westwood's Onyx NQ
Oriental - Black Neutered Male (ORI005)
Owner: Gail Nel
Breeder: Owner

Best Siamese/Oriental Kitten
Westwood's Carmen
Oriental - Silver Spotted Tabby Male Kitten (OR05ShTs)   
Owner: Gail Nel
Breeder: Owner

Best Domestic Kitten &
Best Domestic of the Day
Karnaki Rooi Rok Bokkie
Household Pet - Mediumhair Red Bicolour Female Kitten 4-6m(DOM)
Owner: Karen Pepler

Best Domestic Adult
Household Pet - Shorthair Tortie Spayed Female (DOM)   
Owner: Dries & Zanri Fourie

Photo's from this year's show